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Welcome to HSCRI.org

I’m a veterinarian in Marietta Georgia and I think folks might appreciate a curated site that presents options and pricing on some of the better dog beds, and furniture that several vendors have to offer.

Having experience in ramps and beds for dogs, I can tell you that certain beds don’t earn the favor of most dogs. Unless given no choice such as in boarding facilities.

At home, I know what Bailey liked, what Ajax LIKES and how Izzy likes to sleep in the bed. All she needs is steps to get up there. And I don’t want crappy ones. I like the nice, wooden ones with carpet on them for firm traction.

But there are some cool beds out there. And so some of those are linked, too.

Hey, let me know what you think.

And thanks for buying via this site. I hope I’ve found nothing but the best for you to look at.

Doc Johnson

PS: Ramps to beds that are flimsy or that jiggle will be a waste of money.